Managing money in poker

casino tokens and gambling moneyWhen people begin to manage money, they tend to now grasp what they have, often times they aren’t even sure what to do with all of it. Money runs society, and it baffles social scientists who are attempting to figure out how people think and how they feel. People often don’t do what years of history, research and theories say they should do. There is an economic theory that is based on people that make decisions using their rationality and their logic. The funny thing is, that they don’t. This is a study that is based around the idea that a dollar is only worth a dollar. We will talk about gambling, poker games and money in general.

Money happens to be the foundation and engine of playing poker. This is what makes the game as big as it is and this is what makes the game full of psychology. This cannot simply be played without money although a game that is played for fun may appeal to younger generations. What do you think about the relationship between poker games and the player’s insight on money? Do you think that would be relevant in a study case for economists?

What to Do

The first thing to appreciate about money is how asymmetric it is and the subjective worth behind it. There is positivity and a negativity that comes with the winning and losing of money. The effects will show up when money is imaginary and people would feel that discomfort when they were simply asked about losing a significant amount of money. The implication in this article is that people who are avoiding risk are doing so, such as avoiding a poker game, because of the fear of being miserable due to that loss. We are all this way to a certain level but there are some people who find those losses to be the riskiest endeavor that they can take.

It also isn’t difficult to find people who are not afraid of taking any risk, regardless of what that is. We all know the poker players and the sports better that will spend a ridiculous amount of money simply playing for the thrill of it all. Money is associated with psychology and we will spend money according to the way that our psychology is wired. The way that we have been conditioned plays a huge role in the risks that we take gambling as well as the way that we spend our money. Unless of course you are playing with “free money” or people favorite free spins on a casino.

There are two elements to remember when using psychology to gamble or play poker games. You need to have a deep understanding of your own play style and also understand how others see the way that you play style. You can attempt to work out another person’s play style and then reveal this with your own strategic movies in beating them. Make sure that you do not reveal your own weaknesses in the process of revealing their game.

IF you think about it, Poker is really psychology and playing against your opponents. In many games, it will often end with a small hand such as a pair beating a smaller number. Remember, your hand doesn’t have to be a high hand for you to win. All that it has to be is better than the players who still have their cards in their hands. Being able to know what your opponents have can be a bit of an art and not a science. There are many successful players who have bodily signs that may give you a clue as to what your opponent has. You may be able to read those signs by mastering the psychology of poker games, although you should always get familiar with the elements of it before focusing on the skills.

It boils down to your own ability in being able to watch how other opponents are playing and then use what you gain from that to judge the next players with the current hand that you’re playing. It’s always important that you do not become distracted from the game, do not watch television – even if it’s a friendly game. Even during a friendly game you can learn something from your friends or opponents, and the way that they play.

How to play poker?

You think it’s an easy questions, don’t you? It sounds easy enough. However, I don’t think it’s that easy. At least, if winning is in your head. This post will be a little different but I hope that you’ll find it quite entertaining.

How do you play poker?

Poker tableLet’s start with the basics. Even though the rules of Texas Hold’em are the same, you don’t play the same way every day. Maybe you would the best and the worst play starting hands the same way most of the time pre-flop like raising and 3-betting high pocket pairs and always folding garbage hands like 72o and 83o. But that’s pretty much it.

There are major differences in the way you would play in a cash game and in a tournament. Moreover, you (should) play differently when you play in a live tournament like WSOP or online, like 888Poker that I currently use to satisfy my online poker needs. And just think about the variety of your opponents and the way you could play, let’s say a nut flush draw against. You could check-call, check-raise, lead while sometimes you just fold and feel good about it. There are also differences between different games, different stakes.

How to play poker on 888Poker?

I’d like to think of myself as a semi-intermediate poker player. I’m not a beginner anymore. I know the rules, some plays to make. But of course, I have plenty of leaks like cbetting too much, calling too much on turn and on the river, etc. That’s why I love so 888Poker so much. They’ve got a special program that launches and runs along with their poker software. It’s called 888Poker Couch and what it does it shows you how to play poker well by showing you your cards, your outs and odds and suggestions on what can you should do.

888 Poker Couch taught me to assess the strength of my hand much quicker and learn counting pot odds easier. And improve in terms of discipline because while I was starting out, I would constantly open much wider than I should. 888Poker coach constantly tells me whether I should fold and surprisingly, I do. I know that once I improve my fundamentals I will be able to open more based on who is sitting on my left and right but for now I’m happy just to listen to a program that helps me play. By the way, if you open more than one table, poker coach will run along each of the tables.

How do you play poker is a multi-dimensional question. I love it because there are ten ways you can answer it. And neither of which would still be right. It’s just poker is such a versatile game. And if you want to go even further, think about the variations of poker beyond today’s most popular Texas Hold’em.

How to start playing online poker?

When starting out, you need a bankroll. After all, you play for real money. If you really don’t have any means how to make a deposit, you can always start with play-money games and real money freerolls. It’s a long and hard way to start because there are so many players that enter these free games but on the upside, you don’t risk anything. If you can make a deposit, your journey becomes much easier because of all the choices you get.

You can start with cash games, micro Sit and Go’s and tournaments. You can play satellites to enter bigger tournaments. This has a few advantages including an opportunity to win much more than your regular games offer as well as play against against much better opponents. And I know what are you going to say ”nobody wants to play against tougher opponents”. And I agree but the thing is, you can’t learn from beginners. Maybe playing against players with less poker skills may build your bankroll quicker but you only improve by learning from better players.

Imagine, you tell your non-poker playing friend that you play poker. And he asks you “how do you pay poker”? What’s the first thing you say? You say that it’s a card game with two hole cards and five community cards? You tell him all about poker being deceptive game that requires a special set of skills? Do you talk about your own playing style? You see, that’s what I have been talking about in this post. There are so many dimensions in this game it’s amazing!

888 Poker New Promotions in 2013

888 poker logo

Online poker is now becoming more popular than real poker. Millions of people from all over the world now prefer playing poker online. 888 Poker is currently one of the best places to play poker online. Thousands of players play online poker 24/7, so there is no shortage of people to play with. This poker room has a lot to offer this year to both old and new players.

888 is offering new promotions, bonuses, updated software, and more. The new promotions are really worth mentioning because they offer better bonuses and promotions than most online poker sites. New bonuses and promotions have helped cement 888’s position as one of the best sites for online poker and other casino games.

New Sign Up Bonuses

A new sign up bonus for the year. Players who sign up on their website for the first time will receive more than a deposit bonus.If the user chooses to sign up directly at the 888Poker website, he will receive a very nice welcome package. Welcome package includes a 100% up to $400 welcome bonus, free entry to the $100K First Depositors’ Challenge, and free seats to the First Depositors’ Freeroll.

New users can receive other special bonuses by clicking on special links provided by existing users of 888 Poker. By signing up using the special link (known as the “Invite-a-Friend” link,”) new players get $8 free on their account and a free seat in the $1,000 Invite-A-Friend Poker Freeroll.

New users can get all of these special bonuses regardless of how much they deposit. It is possible to turn a $20 deposit into thousands of dollars by playing in tournaments held for new depositors. It seems that 888’s goal for the year is to attract and create a better experience for new players.

888 Poker BonusSpecial Promotions

New users are not the only ones who are rewarded. There are also some new special promotions for both old and new players. Here are some of the special promotions for the year:

Freeroll Tickets to the $2.5 million SUPER XL Series

For new players, 888 Poker is offering 3 freeroll tickets to the $2.5 million SUPER XL Series online event. The SUPER XL Series is biggest online event for the year. Only the top 100 players of each of the daily freerolls will be able to participate in the main event. Players do not need to make deposits in this event.

Double Your Money!

888Poker is also offering a “Double Your Money!” promotion that is very helpful for new users. This promo doubles the first deposit of a new user. For instance, if a new user deposits $20 for the first time, he gets an extra $20 in his account for free. If he deposits $100 as his first deposit, he gets an extra $100 for free. This promo is perfect for new users because it provides them with extra cash for playing Teams poker games, low buy-in tournaments, and more. A new user can receive up to $400 extra cash with this promo.

Shane’s Poker Paradise

The Shane’s Poker Paradise is also one of special promotions for the year. This promo gives poker players a chance to enter the famous Shane Warne Poker Classic tournament in Hertfordshire, UK. The grand prize is a $1,250 package that includes one night at the Grove Hotel & Golf Club, $200 for travel expenses, $250 entry for the upcoming Shane Warne Poker Classic tournament, buffet dinner, drink vouchers, and more. To win the grand prize, users can play their way to the Qualifier via freerolls or satellites. Players can also secure their place in the celebrity event by paying $1,250 directly.

The Whale Poker Tournament

The Whale is a poker tournament that gives both old and new users a chance to win a share of the $250,000 prize. The tournament features a $250,000 guaranteed prize pool and users can play their way into the tournament through satellites starting from only 10 cents. They can also choose to go straight to The Whale tournament that takes place every Sunday at 19:00 GMT. The buy-in for The Whale tournament is $530.


Existing users are rewarded whenever they invite their friend to play online poker. Users can invite their friends using a special link or via email. When a friend signs up and makes a deposit, both the user and his friend will receive $8 free on their accounts. They also get a free seat in the $1,000 Invite-A-Friend Poker Freeroll. Invited users will also get welcome package and bonuses when they sign up using their friend’s link and make their first deposit.

Ongoing Promotions

888 Poker is offering other promotions for the year that are not as huge as the special promotions mentioned above. They have ongoing promotions such as the Teams Poker tournaments, $100K Sunday Challenge, $10K Monday Twins Challenge, $1K Depositors’ Freeroll, $1K Free Casino Mix-Up, and Video Poker tournament. These promotions help keep players entertained and give them something to look forward to each week.

888 Poker Rewards

They also reward its loyal users with Status and Reward Points. These points are earned by simply playing poker games online. Users can spend their points at Online Shop to purchase goodies such as iPads, branded hoodies, and holiday packages. 888 Poker adds new items on the online shop from time to time, so there is always a reason for existing users to save up their points.

These new promotions make 888 Poker one of the best online poker sites on the internet today. It does not only reward new users for signing up, but also reward existing users with reward points, weekly tournaments, and referral bonuses.