The Rise of Open Face Chinese Poker

tonybet open chinese pokerA new, fun and exciting poker variation has been long awaited by the poker community and it seems that the Open Face Chinese is just what the players have been looking for. The game which emerged amongst the top poker pros in 2012 gained recognition rather fast and is now building up its muscles for a high flight in the poker industry.

The main issue with Open Face Chinese was its lack of online presence. Major poker sites including PokerStars have declared they have looked into the opportunity of launching the game on their platform, but have decided not to go with it.

This left the chance for the smaller gaming providers to cease the opportunity and launch the software before anyone else. And by the end of 2013, one of the best known personalities in the poker industry, Antanas “Tony G” Guoga has introduced the first global online poker site dedicated solely to Open Face Chinese Poker.

The poker software was launched as part of Tony’s new online gaming franchise TonyBet and has quickly gained popularity amongst those who have been waiting for the game to go online. Although the site launched in its beta version, the software was received rather positively by the poker community and the company spokesmen said they saw the signup numbers grow fast.

This came as no surprise as Tony, who is highly popular withing the poker society, was personally involved in spreading the word out through his blog and social media. Having almost no competition on the field was also a huge factor.

Tonybet Poker is now available on all Operating systems and features an Android app. The site also offers all four game variations including Pineapple, Turbo, Classic and Regular. Although at the beginning they only had cash games, in time Tonybet Poker released SnG and MTT tournaments drawing players to the tables offering guaranteed freeroll prize pools.

The game of Open Face Chinese itself appeared to have its own appeal – easy to learn and fun to play OFC is not difficult to learn, although mastering it may be harder than it looks at first.

Many players seem to make the same mistake of deciding what hand’s they want to collect after receiving their first five cards and then leaving empty-handed when their initial plan fails. This just proves that there’s much more to Open Face Chinese than most players think.

Just like other poker variations, OFC requires skill and strategy if the player wants to succeed. Waiting for the “right” cards to fall may not be as risky as in Texas Hold’em as the players are exposed to their opponent’s cards, but with every player receiving as many as 13 cards, one’s outs